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Remember the classic song, “At Last” by Etta James. Well, this was an “At Last” kind of day. We had the Wingz ‘n’ Dawgz flying event at last. After 3 years of trying to do Wingz ‘n’ Dawgz and getting weathered out each time, this time was near perfect. Wind was about 8 SE and the temperature was in the 80s until noon. We had a great turnout, including a pilot from Clinton and several spectator visitors. Besides our shed for cover, Ray Cox had donated to LAFFS, a 10 x 10 pop up tent that we erected alongside the shed giving us plenty of shade. This was perfect. We had room to spread out and everyone could find comfortable shade. A big thanks to Ray for his generous donation. Bob McFadden efficiently hosted the day and held the pilot’s briefing at 0900 sharp, explaining the challenging rules of the Okie Bowling, the 3-RLS event, and the F-22 mass launch.... Read More

LAFFS Flight Report – 1 August 2015

Today was a hoot!... Read More