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February 27th Flying

For the second Saturday in a row, the weather gods blessed us with light winds until almost noon. The turn-out this week was split between BK and Elkins Field, and while I apologize for not getting any photos of the doings at BK, here is a representative sample of the activity at the field. Bob, Ron, and I were the only ones there until about 9:30 when Gene Wallock and a new bag of salted peanuts showed up, followed by Corky,Ted, and Paul. The look on Bob’s face in one of the attached photos could be mistaken for a smile, but it was actually a grimace as he wrestled with a Super Tigre engine that only put up one complete flight without dead-sticking throughout the course of the morning on his Kaos 60 ARF. The Edge is Ron’s and the micro-Super Cub is mine, headed for Model Aviation/Park Pilot magazines within the week.... Read More