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Elkins Field Rules and Safety Guidelines

Field Rules & Safety Guidelines PDF file for download: Field Rules & Safety Guidelines... Read More


The winds in Norman, OK were forecast to be 14 mph at 10am just about the time we planned to arrive. What’s more, they were supposed to increase each hour to 24 mph. But we went anyway, five of us driving to Norman. Ken and Clem, Steve J and Don H, and Larry going solo.  Ken and I were fueled by Ken’s excitement to finally get his newly acquired Seawind in the water, damn the wind—full speed ahead!  When we got there not only was the wind blowing, but it was also drizzling , overcast, and chilly. The Norman club was nice enough to open the field earlier in the morning than usual to accommodate our visit hoping to get the Seawind’s maiden flight done before the wind got too crazy.... Read More