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LAFFS Float Report- 29 Nov 2016

The day was too windy to fly, so some of us went out to Lake Helen to sail in the afternoon. Ron, Paul, Clem, Don, and Larry got there at various times, but by 2 pm we were all there comfy in our chairs. Wind was nice about 8-10 mph. The sun was shining and it wasn’t even chilly. We noted that it might be really hot in summer out there, so we will enjoy the covered pier at the VA Center. (more…)

July 25th Weekend Videos

Things were still busy today, but I was able to get two videos from the weekend finished up. Here are the videos from this weekend.... Read More


We showed up, we flew, we crashed, we left. Any questions? Really, that’s kinda how it was.... Read More

The KSWO Channel 7 story about the Wingz and Dawgz fun fly

Thanks to the club members with connections. 🙂... Read More

Polar Bear Fly – January 1st, 2010

The ground was frozen enough to drive in on and some flying got done. Larry, Paul, Kris, Steve, Jerry, and Ken attended. They did their best to appease the weather gods as they all got birds in the air. They flew for about an hour, but as the ground warmed up they needed to get out before it turned to mud and they would get stuck. It was cold, foggy, and muddy but they got the flying done!... Read More