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Today’s flying, Wed., Sept.6

The wind picked up more than forecast, so as I arrived at the field just before 9:00 a.m., my wind gauge said it was 9 mph, gusting to 14 from the northeast. Four intrepid LAFFers: Steve Bell, Paul Phillips, Clem Wehner and I chose to brave the gusts, and were joined later by club sage, Gene Wallock, as the wind dropped to a breeze from the East/Northeast later in the morning. Paul got a couple of flights on his re-engined “Hog Bipe”; Clem refined the whole flight envelope for his retract-equipped “Ultra Sport 40″, and Steve flew both his “Four Star” and his new “Waco UMX” very impressively. Attached are a few photos of Steve’s “Waco”. Keep in mind while you’re looking at them that the plane is an out-of-the-box 21” span model flying on a 2S battery—and thanks in part to it AS3X receiver, it handled the wind extremely well.

— Larry