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Flying Field Construction (by Ken Isaac)

For almost 40 years the RC pilots in this area have flown on a RC runway located on Ft. Sill, Ok. In 2007 the Army informed us that they would be reusing the land to make room to house new units relocation to Ft. Sill. On the week of Christmas 2007 the bulldozers went to work and officially removed our old runway. Facing the cold harsh reality of not having a place to fly the pilots of this area banded together and got to work finding a new location. In just a little bit over 6 weeks we not only built a new flying field, but we also formed and chartered a new AMA club (for many reasons we did not have a club while flying on Ft. Sill). This took a lot of effort on the part of all the members of LAFFS and each and every one of them is proud of what we have built for ourselves. Please take a few minutes and look over the pictures of our getting this new field in and built. (more…)