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Friday’s sailing (28-Oct-2016)

The forecasts of marginal wind conditions were correct—except instead of the 9-14 mph prognosticated by several weather centers, the wind speed at 9 a.m. was nada—zip—zero! About 10 o’clock or so breezes started to come and go and permitted some nice runs across the lake; however, the wind did not become steady until just before I left about 11:00. (more…)

Liberty Lake sailing this morning.

Six intrepid sailors showed up at Liberty Lake this morning and had a fine session with all six boats in the water at one time. Everyone had a great time, even when figuring out how to get a snared boat off of the fountain buoy by bumping it with other boats. Don Haines’ custom 17 ft. pole with its “shepherd’s crook” proved very useful for putting boats in the water at an acceptable depth and retrieving them so they didn’t bang against the concrete footings of the little dock at the south end of the lake. It was also just the ticket for shoving boats back into deeper water when they ventured close enough to the shore to get their keels mired in the muck.... Read More