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Oh, what a beautiful morning…

They just don’t get much better than this as far as light winds and no surface chop at the VA Center lake. This is the first time we’ve been able to put up over a dozen flights (sometimes as many as three “Tidewaters” in the air at the same time!) with great take-offs and landings and no real retrieval issues that cropped up. Dan flew his “Skipper” (sorry, I got there after it flew), Don his “Apprentice”, and Steve, Tom and I our “Tidewaters”. Ron ran his airboat, Dan his swamp buggy, and I floated my Chris-Craft look-alike several times during the morning. Steve is sneaking up on the motor problems that he is having with his glow-powered boat, but it seems to be getting closer to a fix.... Read More

Today’s flying. 16-AUG-2016

My apologies for not having my camera with me on what would prove to be a memorably weird and wonderful day in several respects. ... Read More

Rules and Procedures for using the VA Center Lake

VA Center Lake Rules & Safety Guidelines PDF file for download: VA Center Lake Rules & Safety Guidelines

1. Safety of the VA Center residents is most important! Be especially vigilant and be careful you don’t interfere with their movement. Some are impaired or may be in wheel chairs. Never leave a gate open for longer than it takes to pass through it. Open gates to the water area are attractive to residents (especially old fishermen), but very dangerous for them. Be extremely careful if backing a vehicle because wheelchairs are low and hard to see and they could unexpectedly be anywhere on the property.

Flying and floating at the VA Center this morning

The chop on the lake was a bit heavier than it was for our first session at the VA Center back in late July. Nonetheless, intrepid flyers and floaters took to the lake to test the waters.

Dan tried out his new swamp-buggy airboat, manned by an armed GI Joe, and managed to overcome some “dead-in-the-water” issues that proved troublesome early on. Steve’s new PVC/pool noodle rescue craft came to the rescue the first time and then ran out of juice and had to be rescued itself the second time.