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Learn To Fly

Over the years many people have been interested in flying Radio Controlled planes and helicopters only to have that interest smashed when they crash on the first flight attempt. Unfortunately the old adage of “what goes up must come down” comes into play in a big way here. While there are the rare few out there that are born naturals who can fly a plane/helicopter without instruction, the vast majority of people who try to learn to fly on their own usually wind up learning to repair more than learning to fly. And this can be very discouraging to most people and they just give up. So that’s where a club and an instructor come into play. Here at LAFFS we utilize a buddy box setup to instruct new students to fly. With the buddy box the instructor has the “real” radio in his hands while the student has a “dummy” box in his, with both boxes connected by a cord. To allow the student to fly the instructor must press a button or switch in order for the student to have control of the plane/heli. When the student gets into trouble the instructor simply releases the button and once again has control of the airplane, thus saving it from crashing. By using this system the student can advance through flight training without the worry of having their plane/heli crash, which makes the entire learning process much more enjoyable. Take a look at our FAQ below to answer more of the questions you may have about learning to fly.... Read More