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LAFFS Float Fly report- 21 June 2016

After making arrangements with the VA center to use their lake for RC float flying we decided we needed a test flying day. This was supposed to be a quiet, opportunity for us to check out the flight pattern and feasibility of the lake for general RC float flying. After we are satisfied that this lake is usable, we’ll proceed with helping clear the overgrowth of tall reeds and brush at the water’s edge all around the lake. It’s a beautiful facility with a large covered pavilion, restrooms, a covered dock extending way out into the lake, and a staff of generous people anxious for us to be there.

Two great flying days–two new airplanes

Yesterday my Great Planes “Stuka JU-87” was maidened with mixed results. The engine flamed out on take-off and rolled into the hog wallow at the north end of the runway. That foray with the hog residue broke off the fiberglass spats and caused the remainder of the two flights to be made without the trademark look of a Stuka. Nonetheless, it flew well and will be out of the shop in no time.