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LAFFS flight (and cat) report(s)- 17 Oct 2013

Part 1 (by Clem)... Read More

Saturday flying video

Didn’t get too much footage today, but we did get one short piece from Clem’s Phoenix Telemaster flight today. I put the camera on the bottom of the fuselage towards back down towards the tail. It got some interesting video. But unfortunately it made the plane a little too tail heavy for Clem’s liking, so he landed after just a couple of passes down the runway. But what we did get is some good video. Check it out here.... Read More


We showed up, we flew, we crashed, we left. Any questions? Really, that’s kinda how it was.... Read More

LAFFS 2013 – Aero-tow glider launch, 8-3-2013

Hey everybody,... Read More


What a day! Larry, Dan, and Clem showed up at Ski Lake for the big event—a LAFFS float fly. Since we all brought the same type airplane, Tidewater seaplanes, it was like an airshow. The lake had gained a lot of water from the recent rains, which moved the shoreline back about 20 feet on each side. This was a problem because there are now weeds standing in the water offshore. This would block our little foamie seaplanes’ access to open water. When the water was lower, you could walk down to the water’s edge anywhere on the ½ mile long lake. So we had to search for a place to launch. We found a place on one end near the boathouse and dock. The water at that end was a fairly small round part of the lake, but as we found out was plenty of room to take off as the Tidewater gets off the water in about 25 feet. The boathouse, offered shelter from the sun and had a nice big picnic table to set up on. But the boathouse was to haunt us later and end our fun.... Read More

Saturday Flight Report – July 20th, 2013

Had a great day at the field today. Instead of the normal flight report that we are all used to seeing, I’ve put together a video flight report from the day.... Read More

Sunday Flight Report – June 30th, 2013

I have a short flight report for everybody today. Paul, Bob M, Larry, Bob K, and myself showed up at the field today. The winds were up a bit, but blowing for the most part straight down the runway from the north, however it got really weird and made for choppy and bobbling landings from all. Bob M made a couple of flights on his Stick, Paul flew a couple on his Kaos 60, Larry got a flight in on his Hellcat after he figured out the problems he was having yesterday were caused by and ESC that developed a mind of it’s own, Bob K watched, and I got a couple of flights in on my 4-Star 120. However, today I had a new toy. I purchased a new video camera designed for capturing action video, and I wanted to test it out today. I strapped the camera on the top of the left wing of my 4-Star to try and get in flight video from it. I wanted to see how the camera handled vibration and if I could make a good solid mount for it to use in my videography that I do for www.rcuniverse.com. With the camera on the wing the plane really flew well. At first I thought my bouncy landings were caused from the camera on the wing, but after seeing everybody else fighting the choppy winds I realized it wasn’t the camera, but rather the winds. The plane handled well with camera and I was able to get some really good video out of it. I’ve edited out the best part of the videos and posted it up on the Club’s YouTube channel. If anybody is interested they can watch the video here:... Read More

The KSWO Channel 7 story about the Wingz and Dawgz fun fly

Thanks to the club members with connections. 🙂... Read More